periodontal plastic surgery

Certain procedures are performed to create a more harmonious and esthetic gingival architecture. Unsatisfactory appearance of the gums can be corrected by soft tissue grafting procedures.

Recession of the gingiva is caused by various reasons: mechanical injury (aggressive or improper toothbrushing techniques), prominent teeth, thin and fragile tissue, malposed teeth and periodontal disease. Soft tissue grafting procedure can help to augment thin tissue, restore gingival architecture, and cover exposed roots (in certain cases). This would create a thicker, healthier and stronger gum tissue to arrest further recession.

This movie shows how we use a connective tissue graft to cover root exposure.

Esthetic Recontouring: "Gummy" smile appearance can be corrected by recontouring/reshaping the gingival archectiture to achieve a more natural and esthetic smile.

Ridge Augmentation: This procedure is suggested to correct deformities of the gingiva and the bone as a result of extractions prior to fabrication of a replacement tooth. When a tooth is extracted, due to fracture or infection, an uneven gingival contour occurs, A connective tissue graft is often suggested to augment poorly contoured ridge area. This would achieve a more harmonious gingival appearance for a natural and esthetic smile.